you know you like me is a romantic duet performed by Eileen and rigby to convince Rigby hess in love with Eileen mordecai CJ Benson and margaret have speaking parts in the song and are also back up dancers and vocalists




-mordecai (backup vocalist)

-Margaret(backup vocalist)

-benson(backup vocalist)

-CJ(backup vocalist)


rigby-oh mordecai I was hanging out and the coffee shop today and as soon as Eileen came to the table with her coffee for me she walked away and I couldnt stop staring at her butt for some reason and my chest closed up as Iooked at her eyelashes fluttering those long long lashes

mordecai-ooooooooo you got it bad rigby

rigby-what mordecai what have I got

mordecai- come in guys

( Margaret benson CJ and Eileen bust open the door)

Margaret- we heard rigby caught something

CJ(looks at rigbys face close up its sweating and hes got a goofy smile)

all except Eileen- oooooooooh you're in love


(evryonee starts dancing as groovy music turns on)

margaret- just admit look at your smile as you try to make it frown

mordecai and Margaret-youvee been dnyongg it for all these years and now you let it out