(Xeno is lying in bed and is dreaming about when he took Mordecai and Rigby to the future and when Mordecai finds out he is married to Margaret, the world starts to break up due to a paradox that was caused during the events in Steak me Amandeus that prevented him from finding that out in the first place, until Xeno wiped their memories, Xeno thought that wiping their memories and restarting the episode would stop the paradox, but for some reason, the paradox still was going to occur.)

Xeno: Oh man! if they don't get back together, the entire world will die from a paradox that occurs 10 years from now! Wait! there is a way!

(Xeno pulls out a trunk out from under his bed and gets out a book which is the Enchiridion from Adventure Time, he also gets a piece of paper and draws a PHIL FACE on it, he walks out of the banzai rider with a bag containing the book, drawing, and a carton of bug milk. He heads into the house and is outside Mordecai and Rigby's room.)

Xeno: (In his head) Okay, now to go into GHOST MODE!

(Xeno turns into a ghost and splits himself into Mordecai and Rigby's dreams.)

(In Mordecai): Mordecai's dream is his Margaret beach fantasy from Meat Your Maker. Xeno wakes Mordecai up by turning himself into a giant Rigby shouting: I CAN FIX THIS!

(In Rigby): Rigby's dream is him being the pizza king and is ruling a land made of pizza. Xeno wakes him up by getting his orange puffle to eat the kingdom.

Mordecai/Rigby: AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! 

Xeno: Sorry I had to wake you up that way guys, but we need to move! BIG TIME!

(Xeno sticks the PHIL FACE drawing on the side of the house and covers it with bug milk, he chants: Maloso Vobiscum Et Cum Spiritum! A portal opens, Xeno starts the banzai rider.)

Mordecai: What is this all about?

Xeno: Il'l tell you on the way, but whatever you do, keep your eyes closed until I say!

(Xeno drives the banzai rider into the portal and the group enter the Nightosphere.)