New Boss

Armando as boss

The scene began with Benson and the park workers announcing the jobs. It was a sunny afternoon.

Benson: Okay guys, we have a new park worker named Armando. He's a transfer from an Argentina park. He's going to be here in 5 minutes so prepare yourselves and give him a warm welcome.

A motorcycle is seen driving with a person on it. It does a wheely while driving. The driver parks a foot away from Benson, he turns off the vehicle and gets out of it. The driver takes off the helmet and reveals to be a yellow cardinal with a black beard, yellow and black feathers, a black beak hair like Mordecai's but messier, and black eyelids.

Cardinal: *Spanish accent* Hola. I am Armando.

Park workers: Hello, Armando.

Stevie: H-h-hi Armando... I'm Stevie.

Armando: Hola, pajarita.

Armando walked up to Stevie, shaking his hips, and takes her hand and kiss it. Stevie giggled a bit.

Benson: Alright! Alright! Today's jobs for the day... Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost, you're going to the snack bar. Pops and Skips you're going to clean the fountain. Mordecai, Rigby and Regina you guys are going to mow the lawn and Stevie and Armando you're going to rake the leaves. Together. With nobody else around you.

Stevie: Alright.

Everyone went to their stations. The scene shows Stevie and Armando raking the leaves. Stevie is having trouble with hers, and Armando puts his arms around her and his hands on the rake and shows her how to rake it. Stevie blushes.

Armando: After this I am taking a break.

Stevie: Alright. Me too.

20 minutes later, Armando goes into Benson's office. Benson was watching soap operas and crying, but when Armando was coming in he hid all the tissues and ice cream, wiped his tears, and turned off the TV.

Benson: Yes, Armando? May I help you?

Armando: Mmm... yes. Benson, I heard you hated working here because of the underpayment, getting treated badly and especially Mordecai and Rigby giving you a headache. Would you mind having a little vacation and letting me be park manager for at least... mmm... 1 or 2 weeks?

Benson: Hmmmm... I don't know. You're only here for 20 minutes and you asked.

Armando: I was assistant manager in Argentina. Our rules were more strict than in here. Maybe I could run the park for you while your on vacation?

Benson: Hmmm... alright.

Benson gets up and walks out the door.

Benson: Before I go, make sure to keep everyone calm and don't let this park get out of control.

Armando: I cross my heart and hope to die, I won't let that happen.

Benson: Good.

He closes the door and Armando smiled evilly, took a gumball from a drawer and eats it, laughing evilly.

Armando: Excellent!

To be continued...