The Benson Goo
Season Luigi, Episode 6
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"Water Balloon Fight"

The Benson Goo is the 6th episode of Season Luigi.

The "Musical"

(Key = Talk, Sing, 'Thought)

(The episode begins at a jail, an unknown person is shown at a lab-like area) ?????: (Shown working on a potion) I shall get my revenge on The Park! But first, I need one more ingredient! (Reveals a gumball, drops it in the potion, which becomes pink, grins evily and starts singing)

It's time for revenge

and I know how to strike

My plan is going to work well!

I don't care what happens to any of them

They can ALL JUST GO TO...Well, I can't say that word.

Anyway, time to strike! (Pulls out a giant bazooka and destroys a wall, escaping, alarms go off before scene cuts to water company, ????? dumps the potion in and gets away secretly)

(Next Morning in The Park)

Luigi: (Shown eating cereal with Sprit instead of milk) Hm, Sprit and cereal DOES taste good!