Welcome to: The Adventures of Fists and Jay!

(It is in a black and white format. A raccoon and a blue jay or walking on a street.)

Fists: The name's Fists. I fight crime with my partner, Jay. Today, me and him are going to find out a mysterious case about a park manager gone missing.

Jay: The name's Jay. I fight crime with my partner, Fists. Me and him are going to find a park manager. Our boss, Donald, is going to give us an assignment and clues.

(The two go inside their workplace, Donald's Detectives.)

Donald: Hello! Do you two want any sugar?!

Fists: No, not really.

Donald: Well, you deserve some for being great detectives!

(Donald gives them "sugar".)

Fists: Uhh......., thanks, Donald?

Donald: Mind if I make myself comfortable?

Fists: Sure, it's your agency.

Donald: Thank you!(Rips his pants off.) Aah!

(Fists and Jay look at each other.)

Donald: That's better! I was starting to chafe! I missed my vibrancy!(Opens window.) Aah! The nice cold breeze! Now It can flap again!

Fists: Can we move on with the case please?!

Donald: Oh, right! Well, at the City's local park, a well known park manager has been gone for quite the while. You two should investigate.

Fists: Sounds interesting. What do you think, Jay?

Jay: It is quite the interesting case. Let's begin.

Fists: Agreed. We will see you later on, Donald!

Donald: I'll give you sugar when you two come back!(Goes up to the window.) It's okay darling, you can breath now! Aah! So cold and refreshing!

(Cut to a park. Fists and Jay are investigating.)

Fists: Hm. Hey, yeti! Have you seen a park manager somewhere around here?!

Skips: Excuse me?

Fists: I'm Fists and this is my partner, Jay. We're detectives. Would you know any managers around here?

Skips: Yes, but he's been lost for weeks. I can't say much after this. If you excuse me, I need to get back to work.

Fists: Can't say much. Suspicious, don't you think, Jay?

Jay: Indeed. Let's investigate more.

(Cut to a trailer. Fists and Jay are speaking to a greenish man and ghost.)

Fists: Hello. Do you know where a missing park manager could be?

Muscle Man: Uh, no bro, and why are you talking like that?

Fists: Don't change the subject! Just tell me where he is!

Muscle Man: Calm down, bro! I have no idea what you're talking about!

Fists: How about you, ghostie?!

Hi Five Ghost: I don't know either! Please don't kill me!

Fists: Okay, you guys are clean. Time to go to the lollipop man!

(Cut to inside Pops's House. Fists and Jay are investigating the lollipop man's office.)

Pops: Hello, boys!

Fists: Hello, lollipop!

Pops: Do any of you want a lollipop?

Fists: Heck no! They could be poisoned!

Pops: What?! Never! I make lollipops for good, not evil!

Fists: Interesting. Do you know any park managers around here?

Pops: Oh, yes, indeed! However, he has been lost for a fortnight. I hope you find him!

Fists: Fists's log. Lollipop man, okay. Let's go, Jay! We have enough information to show Donald!

Jay: Indeed. Let's go.

(Cut to Donald's Detectives.)

Donald: It's good to see you guys again!

(Gives the two "sugar" again.)

Fists: Thanks, Donald. I guess.

Donald: Do you like the breeze in here? My darling sure does.

Fists: Right. Anyway, we got some clues.

Donald: Oh, goodie! Tell me them!

Fists: Well, the most suspicious one was this yeti fellow.

Donald: What about this yeti?

Fists: Well, he said, "I can't say much more" after saying the park manager has been gone.

Donald: That is suspicious. Anything else?

Fists: Not really anything else.

Donald: Keep going. We need more evidence. I'm glad you're trying though! I'll give you sugar again when you come back!

Fists: Uhh-huh!

(The two go back to the park.)

Fists: Hey, yeti!

Skips: What do you want now?!

Fists: We're going to have a little talk!

(Cut to the interior of the garage. It is entirely dark until Fists turns on a light bulb.)

Fists: When did you last see the manager?

Skips: In the house, so?

Fists: Suspicious!

Skips: Look, this isn't getting us anywhere, so can I get back to work?

Fists: We're not done yet!

Skips: Huhhh! Okay.


Fists: What time was it when you last saw the manager?

Skips: How would I know? I don't have a watch.

Fists: Come on! Just confess! You did it!

Skips: No I didn't!

Fists: Come on!

Skips: Okay! I'll admit it!

Fists: Yes!

Skips: I say a person do this to him, but it was too dark to tell who it was!

Fists: Keep going!

Skips: And that's all I remember!

Fists: Hm. That's weird!

(A person knocks Fists and Jay out with a shovel.)

Pops: Good! You two are awake! Now you can see your beloved boss burnt to death by lava!

Donald: You are a bad man! You don't deserve sugar!

Pops: Shut up, "Mr. Crotch!"

Donald: What!? What is he talking about?

Fists: It doesn't matter! Anyway, we need to save Donald!

Pops: Good luck! Lava is quite hard to destroy!

Fists: Oh, is that so? What about water?

Pops: Shoot! Forgot about that!

Fists: Jay, grab the hose!

(Jay gets the hose.)

Pops: Well, it's gonna take more water then that!

Fists: That is why us detectives always have ten gallons of water handy!

Pops: Seriously?! Since when has this been happening?!

Fists: Just last year!

Pops: Well, darn it!

(Fists and Jay save Donald with pouring all of their water in the lava.)

Donald: You two deserve double sugar!

Fists: Later. All right, lollipop man, where's the manager!?

Pops: You're going to have to find out yourself!

Fists: In the closet?

Pops:(To himself.): I knew I shouldn't have picked an obvious place!

(Fists, Jay and Donald find the park manager, Benson, in the closet, wrapped up with duck tape on his mouth.)


(Fists rips off the duck tape.)

Benson: Thank you! Pops you're fired!

Pops: Well, I guess I had it coming.

(Donald handcuffs Pops.)

Donald: You're under arrest for being a baddie, and not accepting my sugar!

Pops: Well, at least I'm old and won't be in jail for long.

Fists: Yeah, yeah! Sob story, sob story!

Donald: Great job, you two! You get triple sugar!

Fists: Uhhh......, that's not really needed.

Donald: Of course it is!

(Donald gives the two a big sugar hug.)

Fists: You're suffocating us!

Donald: Oh, sorry! I'm glad to have employees like you!

Fists: They say the city's tough. But me and Jay are tougher. This case's lesson: never judge a book by it's cover, and always suspect the least likely person to have committed a crime!

Donald: Is my crotch really that noticeable?

Fists: No! Not at all! I can't even see it!

Donald: Good, cause I was worried for a second!

(The End.)

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