Sonja is a smokey-gray colored skunk. Her friend currently is Roscoe, (and Mordecai, Rigby, etc.) and her only known family member as of now is her sister, Teresa

Sonja - Sub - New Version
Hello outside world! Oh... uh, well I did come on them a bit too thick...




Striped Skunk





Hair Color

Smokey Gray/White

Eye Color



Sonja has a normally shy personality, rarely talking to anyone on her own. She longs to have friends, but because of her being a skunk, people tend to avoid her. Because of this, she stays in her house and rarely goes out in the daytime. She also tends to  talk to herself a lot. Sonja is naive to why people are scared of skunks (as she apparently doesn't know about the stereotypes) and wonders why people seem to hate her for no reason. She can be pyschotic at times, resorting to injuring/killing someone. She tolarates her sister practically controlling her and manipulating her all of the time. She lets almost everyone and everything run over her, as she's too shy/afraid to fight back. In personality, compared to her sister, she's the opposite of her. She is a tomboy, but gentle, while her sister is girly, but tough. Sonja has a liking for subs, especially Ham and Swiss on Italian bread.


  • Sonja is named directly after Rigbybestie1510, who's real name is Sonja. 
  • Sonja also has a shy personality like her namesake. 
  • She has smokey-gray fur, which in Di'angelo counts as black. 


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