Rigby's Time Machine is a object seen in "Bad Kiss", were Mordecai and Rigby used to fix Mordecai's Kiss with Margaret.


It is a Gray colored Sphere made of Metal, it is Voice Command, and has red button on top which when pushed sends you through time.


Bad Kiss

In "Bad Kiss" Rigby's time Machine is used to fix Mordecai's bad kiss with Margaret, but it was stolen by Mordecai's Past Self, but Rigby then Reveals that he had a spare Time Machine, They start chasing Mordecai from the Past and finally capture him, Rigby then travels into the Past, and Mordecai stays in the Present' they both destroy the Time Machines, and time turns back to Normal.

Exit 9B

Mordecai and Rigby both used the Time Machine to escape GBF Jr. and his army, but when they are in the future, they learn that everyone has now gotten different Idenities.

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