Regular Friday
Season Luigi, Episode 1
Episode guide
"The Puffle Next Door"

Scene 1: The Chinese Restaurant

(We see the Chinese restaurant from Fortune Cookie, Mordecai and Rigby are sitting at a table)

Rigby: Ah, when is our food gonna get here?

Mordecai: It's probably not even going to be right, you never get the orders right.

Rigby: Not true!

Mordecai: So true, we once went to a pizza parlor and asked for steaks!

Rigby: SHUT IT!

(Mordecai and Rigby start fighting, a small, green, ball of hair with two big eyes, a mouth, and using a propeller cap to fly)

Green Hair Ball: So, would you like fortune cookies?

(Mordecai and Rigby stare at the Green Hair Ball for a minute)

Luigi: (Realizing why they're staring) Oh, I'm Luigi, Green Puffle, but most people confuse my species for hairballs with eyes, a mouth, and a propeller cap.

Mordecai: Sure, we'd like a fortune cookie, I'm Mordecai, and that's Rigby

Luigi: Ok, I think I have a dual fortune cookie, like a 2-for-1 deal, but with fortunes. (Luigi gives Mordecai and Rigby the fortune cookie)

Mordecai: Ok, thanks.

Rigby: Rock, Paper, Scissors who opens it.

(Mordecai and Rigby do it and Rigby gets paper while Mordecai gets rock)

Rigby: Yeah-yah! (Opens the fortune cookie, Mordecai and Rigby read the fortune)

Mordecai and Rigby: (Confused) You will soon see the hard truth in your shoes.

Rigby: I don't get it.

Mordecai: Me neither.

(A waiter gives them their food)

Rigby: Told ya I go the right food

Scene 2: The Park that Night

(We see the House that night, scene cuts to the clock in the living room, it becomes midnight, scene cuts to Mordecai and Rigby's room, a mini-earthquake is shown, mini-earthquake stops, Mordecai and Rigby wake up)

Rigby: What was that?

Mordecai: I don't know

(Mordecai and Rigby look at each other and gasp, they quickly run into the bathroom, seeing that they're in each others' bodies)

(Note: While Mordecai is in Rigby's body, I will use the term Mordecai/Rigby, and while Rigby is in Mordecai's body, I will use the term Rigby/Mordecai, because I will use the term "Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai" if Mordecai and Rigby are speaking at the same time)

Mordecai/Rigby: (Scared) What happened?

Rigby/Mordecai: (Scared as well) I don't know! We have to tell Skips

Mordecai/Rigby: In the middle of the night?

Rigby/Mordecai: Fine, we'll wait til morning.

Scene 3: Skips's House, Next Morning

(Scene cuts to Skips House the next day, Mordecai and Rigby knock on the door, Skips opens the door)

Skips: Hey Mordecai and Rigby

Mordecai/Rigby: Skips, we need your help

Skips: You went to that Chinese restaurant we went to when Benson had good luck, did you?

Rigby/Mordecai: Yeah, why?

Skips: Were you given a two-for-one fortune cookie by a Green Puffle?

Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai: Yeah, so?

Skips: Luigi's able to make fortune cookies that body swap you with the one you read it with

Mordecai/Rigby: How do you know this?

Skips: I know everything, remember?

Rigby/Mordecai and Mordecai/Rigby: Woah

Scene 4: The Park, 1.11111111111- Basically 1 1/9 of a second later

(Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Morecai run out of Skips's House, but are stopped by Benson)

Benson: There you are, you're suppose to be trim the hedges 30 minutes ago!

Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai: But Ben-

Benson: No, I don't want to here it, you can take a break after you trim the hedges, and if you don't, YOU'RE FIRED!

Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai: Augh! Fine!

(Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai start trimming the hedges angrily, a time lapse is shown, we see them done)

Benson: (Happily) Wow, you're actually done! You can have your break now

(Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai run off)

Scene 5: The Chinese Restaurant (Again)

(Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai run in the Chinese restaurant, a Red Puffle is shown passing sodas by hopping under the try, the Red Puffle hopping high enough to be seen)

Red Puffle: (To a customer) So you ordered the coke?

Customer: Yes (Costumer takes Coke)

Red Puffle: (Notices Mordecai and Rigby, hops up to them) So, you two alone?

Mordecai/Rigby: Do you know anyone by the name of Luigi?

Mario: Yes, he's my brother, I'm Mario

Rigby/Mordecai: (Talking about himself and Mordecai/Rigby) He made a bodyswapping fortune cookie and swapped our bodies, oh, and name's Rigby

Mordecai/Rigby: Name's Mordecai

Mario: (Implying that Luigi swapped customers before) Again? I'll get him (Hops into kitchen, his voice can be heard, since there is a paper seperating the kitchen from the customers, and his shadow is shown) Luigi? LUIGI?

Luigi: (Flies near Mario, his shadow is shown too) What?

Mario: Two past customers by the name of Mordecai and Rigby said that you body swapped them

Luigi: (Scared) Uh, uh, (Flies off, scene cuts inside the kitchen, keeps flying, crashes into a pan, Luigi falls into a vat of fortune cookie batter, which falls onto an electrical outlet, and he is electocuted and his shadow is shown, which grows at a huge rate, Mario hops out scared)

Mario: RUN!

Scene 6: The Big Battle

(A huge, tan version of Luigi flies out with red eyes, shoots a goo at a customer, ends up turning Costumer into a fortine cookie, Luigi flies out the roof)

Mario: We need to stop him!

Mordecai/Rigby: How?

Mario: I may have an idea but I need to get something, (Starts hopping away) distract him!

Rigby/Mordecai: How? (Rigby/Mordecai notices a chunk of roof, grabs it) HYAH! (Flings the chunk, Luigi turns it into another fortune cookie, it almost crushes Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai, but they move out of the way) Woah, that was close

Mordecai/Rigby: (Scared) And that's going to be even closer, look out! (Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai dodge a ray of goo, panting) Where do you think Mario is?

Mario: (Pushing a cannon in the restaurant) Right here, distract Luigi so I can get him!

Mordecai/Rigby and Rigby/Mordecai: Got it (They climb on the roof, disracting Luigi)

Mario: Perfect! (Puts on helmet, hops in cannon, and is launched, Luigi is knocked onto the ground, and "cracks" into his normal self)

Scene 7: Restaurant Entrance, Minutes Later

(Luigi is in a police tuck, but Luigi stops them before they drive away)

Luigi: Wait! Mordecai, Rigby, here's the cookie (Gives Mordecai/Rigby the cookie)

Mordecai/Rigby: (Opens the cookie, another earthquake occurs, Mordecai and Rigby look at each other)

Mordecai: Ah, yeah-yah!

(The police truck drives off)

(End of Regular Friday)

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