Miranda is a fanon character of Regular Show.

Regular Miranda
Vital statistics
Title Miranda Montez
Gender Female
Race Blue-jay demon
Faction Unknown
Health 1000
Level 200
Status Alive
Location The Park


Miranda is from the Underworld. She is 2,000 years old in demon years, and 19 in mortal years. She moved up to the surface world when she was 1,500 years old, due to her being in a grand theft crime. Her best friends include Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Santos, Nicky, Stevie, Regina, and Sapphire.



When Santos was 13, he signed up to gaurd the princess (Miranda), as he thought that it was a club, due to it being called "Protect The Princess Academy". He was chosen because he was the 2nd person (first being his twin brother, Marus) to look like a mortal and would fit in. He was then rised up to the surface world. One day he met Miranda while moving in her neighboorhood. They became best friends, 2 weeks later. When she found out that Santy was only a spy, she cried and almost broke their friendship. Santos cheered her up with a speech, and they became friends again.

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