The Fun Fun Zone is a place seen in the episode "Fuzzy Dice". It was where the group from the Park had to go to win fuzzy dice for Pops' birthday. None of them found it enjoyable (due to the children, the pizza, the messy floors, and the annoying animatronic band). It is a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's.

The Fun Fun Zone is an arcade. The children are shown to be very rude due to the lack of adult supervision (as adults aren't allowed in unless they company at least one child).

After a long time of Benson and the rest of the group playing games and winning enough tickets to obtain the fuzzy dice, the Capicola Gang try to make off with the dice. Ten years earlier, the Gang knocked over a bank and made off with uncut diamonds, which they stashed in the fuzzy dice. Ever since, they had been waiting for the statute on limitations for grand larceny to run out before they could set their plan in motion.

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