Welcome to the Against the Odds wiki page, where iFanon writes her own unique twists of what happened after Season 7 - featuring characters of her own.. Although this was originally thought of prior to Season 8, there is a version compatible with Season 8's space dome adventures in the making!

Custom Season 8 Version

Sisters Daeja and Molly Rhodes touch down on Earth after travelling quite a ways from their home world of Eterna. Now, most Earthlings are aware of Eternians and are not very fold of them for their own selfish reason, so the girls try their absolute hardest to blend in. Despite Molly's protests of wanting to find a job that wasn't recommended by some "tech junkie", Daeja sets off to find the Park that her pen pal so vividly described in his letters. Once they find it, however, they are immediately shot down despite their amazing skills. Molly insists it's a sexist thing since all guys only work there. Daeja is still determined to help the Park, and continues to while giving the credit to Mordecai and Rigby, known slackers. In this way, they aren't yelled at, the Park stays maintained, and Daeja feels good for contributing. As the series goes on, they eventually get hired, the guys experience the Emotion Sprites of Eternians, Molly and Fives reconnect, and the girls' long lost brother Roland comes to take revenge, opening up a new set of adventures for everyone!